North Naples Baptist Church
Thursday, March 23, 2017
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1811 Oakes Blvd
Naples, FL 34119
(239) 597-2201
Dr. Chris Butler
Senior Pastor

Gayle Hahe
Discipleship & Administration

Children's Ministry


Children are precious at North Naples Baptist Church. Taking to heart Jesus' own love for children, NNBC seeks to provide a comprehensive, caring ministry to children and their parents. Through a broad range of programming, children experience acceptance, engage in learning, enjoy themselves, and express faith.

Children experience loving acceptance from caring, qualified adults. Recognizing that much of a child's perception of the world and of God is shaped by his or her perception of adults, we have put together a team of caring volunteers whose calling is to love children in the name of Christ.

Children engage in activities, educational and recreational, geared to their developmental needs and levels. We provide activities that children enjoy.

Children enjoy themselves. Church should be fun and exciting, not dull and boring. Understanding the world children live in today helps us provide activities that children enjoy.

Children encounter God as they discover truth in learning environments devoted to educating children in Bible use and knowledge.

Children express personal faith. We guide children toward a time when they are ready to make a profession of their faith in Christ. That decision is nurtured, but never forced.

North Naples Baptist Church's Children's Ministry is committed to building a partnership with parents to provide a total ministry to children. Parents are equipped with skills they need for effective parenting, and they are encouraged to fulfill their God-given responsibilities.